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TECTERRA has a unique privilege to see innovative technologies in their infancy, and disruptive waves of change before they begin to occur. We created the TECTERRA Awards several years ago to create a platform to celebrate these disruptions. There are amazing developments happening in Canada, and we recognize that these advancements are not always amongst our clients. With that in mind, last year we introduced community categories to encourage collaboration and celebrate the thriving geospatial technology ecosystem.




Six categories are open for nomination that recognize the individuals who have compelling influence on the industry and the companies making disruptive waves of change through innovation and excellence.

  1. Influencer of the Year - This award honours such leadership and outstanding contribution to the field of geospatial technologies. Reserved for individuals or teams who have demonstrated significant influence on the world around them.
  2. Startup of the Year - Growing a new business is challenging work, which is why this award recognizes the startups who have made outstanding achievements for their business using geospatial technologies.
  3. Most Disruptive Technology - Disruption happens when a radical change impacts an industry – or creates a new market. This award celebrates the companies that are demonstrating significant technology leaps that impact change within a market or industry.
  4. Company of the Year - We achieve excellence when we are great at what we do – often times these companies are too busy being excellent to notice they have an impact. This award salutes the leaders who create best practices and set an unmatched example for the industry.
  5. Woman of Impact - This award honours the women who have made significant accomplishments, and are sought out as respected advisors, mentors, and leaders in geospatial. Open to any inspirational woman, at any level of her career, who is doing remarkable things.
  6. Student Leadership in Geospatial - Some of the brightest minds were known to display leadership qualities at an early age. This award honours the students who are already seen as leaders in the field of geospatial.

We invite you to recognize the pioneers, innovators and industry leaders who advance the world of geospatial technologies year upon year - submit a nomination before April 12, 2019.