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TECTERRA’s CEO, Jon Neufeld, got to attend MWC 2019 in Barcelona – the biggest mobile event of the year. Major brands use MWC as a platform to launch new products like foldable screens, robots, and autonomous vehicles. In case you missed it, here a recap: 

Jon's 6 key themes from MWC2019: 

  1. 5G is here and connecting everything. 
  2. 1a Foldable phones are the big thing this year. This is likely the think-edge of the wedge for dynamic flexible screens.
  3. High speed low latency connections will empower real time applications from AR to AI and more.
  4. Everything claims to have AI, even a toothbrush.
  5. The global tech community is innovating just as hard as we are, let's remember this competition as well as the massive global market.
  6. Autonomous everything: cars, trucks, robots, and beyond. I believe that we now have the computer power, connection speed, and algorithms, to realistically make this happen.
  7. AR is getting better and closer to “everyday” use, but the implementation is likely still far from the beautiful hype of the animated demos.


 Here are some of Jon's tweets from the event: 

  • This Seat Minimo is a very cool hybrid of a car and a motorbike making claims of "full autonomy".
  • A 5G aerial taxi? Sure, why not! #MWC19
  • I found my new personal robot! TEMI can follow you using computer vision, be piloted remotely, or sent to a known location.



  • Oral B has launched a toothbrush with AI – have we done too far?
  •  This is an in-depth exploration of value creation on social networks, and we'll worth the time to read it.



  • I’ve said for a while now that before we hit level 5 autonomy in vehicles, we will enter a golden age of assisted driving. The Daimler from Mercedes is a great example of what that looks like.


  • The ability to digitally mark up the real world through spatial computer vision is coming and it looks amazing!
  • Latvia has complete 4G coverage and is working to build a national universal traffic management system for UAV and aviation.


Be sure to follow Jon on Twitter @jon_neufeld.



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