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Speakers from Mapbox, Garmin, and SAM Inc. to provide keynotes at the annual NORTH51 Conference

Over 75 of the most innovative minds in the geospatial industry will convene at the Banff Centre in the heart of the Rock Mountains on February 6-8, 2019. Hosted by TECTERRA Inc., the invite-only NORTH51 Conference will foster dialogue and deliberations on gamechanging technological breakthroughs in the areas of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, remote sensing and location analytics.

NORTH51 will feature speakers from global tech heavy hitters such as Mapbox, Garmin Canada, and SAM Inc., to provide insights into how the evolution of location-based technologies has disrupted consumer behaviors. “Mapping used to be something we did on our laptop, now it’s something we do on our phone”, said Marc Prioleau, VP of Business and Corporate development for Mapbox, in a preevent podcast.

“I think that's really what's driven technology forward, is that push to mobility”, Prioleau explains. New applications of location information is transforming industries, and not just those related to the geomatics sector. Uber disrupted the taxi industry and Pokemon Go popularized the adoption of virtual reality on mobile devices.

SAM Inc. utilizes social media chatter to triangulate breaking news and crisis events such as natural disasters and potential terrorist events, before the news stations catch wind. His team uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze social media language and social geo tags to extract data to determine what’s happening and where, even faster than traditional intelligence sources.

“We are actually using deeper forensics on the users. We analyze the text itself to get what we can from a geo perspective” explains James Neufeld, Founder and CEO of SAM Inc. Neufeld is set to speak at the annual NORTH51 event in Banff this February, where he’ll discuss how they extract data where there seemingly wasn’t any to be had.

Conference sessions will cover the evolving world of geospatial technology, the application of machine learning, and how unmanned vehicles are challenging the status quo. An outline of NORTH51’s Conference schedule is available at

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