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Here is a snapshot of what happened this month.

We take note of the interesting things happening in the world of technology - here's a look at the highlights:

  • SensorUp works with Metro Vancouver firefighters to provide potentially life-saving technology that measures what chemicals firefighters are being exposed to. Geoff Mair, CEO of SensorUp joins Deputy Chief Tyler Moore on Global News.
  • An article boasts about the five commonly unknown things that a GPS can do, including monitoring and analyzing earthquakes, volcanos and the atmosphere. Read it here.
  • A recent blog outlined the ways geospatial technologies of varying degrees of complexity to measure and map the decline of Earth’s ice sheets.
  • Forbes featured an article that highlighted the winners of the EthicalGEO fellowship focused on how location data and geospatial technology can be used for social justice and to empower people to take control of their data and to improve their communities.
  • Raven Industries recently acquired autonomous farming platform, DOT. The move will give DOT access to greater capital to expand, however the operations will remain in Canada. Read the announcement here.