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Winner of Tecterra’s 2019 Startup of the Year award, Localintel uses geospatial data to help municipalities both large and small promote local advantages, engage business and drive economic development.


Among their products and solutions are a collection of interactive, dynamic maps that allow users to see specific features of a municipality’s topology (rivers, woodlands, streams, rivers, etc.) and infrastructure (including placement of utilities, roads, bike paths, and railways) as well as location-based information about occupations, household incomes, age and industry. Planners can also see the location and distribution of floodplains, wildlife habitats, geological features, soil types—the kind of things that affect where and how we create a built environment. 


These powerful tools allow government and businesses to judge the land uses and transportation options that will work best with a specific environment, whether a business development district, a community or a city at large. Even small communities can learn how to derive maximum economic and social benefits from precision planning.

In short, Localintel helps planners plan for the most appropriate and profitable use of a community’s spaces. With clients worldwide, the company is poised to change how municipalities use online technology to promote their strengths, share location intelligence and support business growth.

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