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The TECTERRA team has been working from home for several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that has not stopped us from making the most of it. We’re working hard to align funding with the right companies, and all alongside our at-home colleagues.

What we’ve learned about ourselves

While many of us miss the structure of our at-office routines, we’ve also learned we are much more efficient than we thought. Working from home and managing multiple demands from behind our screens has provided us with a newfound skill of multitasking, while still being productive. Richard has specifically noted that he has learned more about his empathetic side during his time at home.

“I am way more efficient working from home than I expected!”

Andrew House, Director of Programs, 7 years at TECTERRA

Our favourite video call backgrounds

Let’s face it, the most fun you’ll have on a video call is playing with the many video backgrounds you can choose from (aside from virtual happy hours). The team’s selections say a lot about us as a group – we’re outdoorsy and nerdy and tend to select backgrounds that include spaceships, mountains or beaches in faraway galaxies.

“Venetian Blinds - kind of like me…kind of boring and certainly nothing flashy.”

Richard Gorecki, Director of Portfolio Development, 10 years at TECTERRA

The first place we want to go

Considering we’re so outdoorsy (see above), the majority consensus is that we want to go to the mountains! We also want to see and hug our families – its been way too long.

“I really want to get out to the mountains and do some camping with my family!”

Jon Neufeld, CEO, 9 years at TECTERRA

Top at-home workspace items

Some of us don’t have designated offices at home, so we’ve had to make it with what we’ve got. Some of our favourite items that make working from home easier include large amounts of coffee (and not having to share with the whole office), close proximity to the fridge, and the fact that Wi-Fi can reach outside to the deck or patio.

“My Peruvian ceramic llama pen holder that I got visiting Machu Picchu!”

Cam Standish, Marketing Specialist, 2 years at TECTERRA

A note on our mini colleagues

Most of the TECTERRA team has young children, which poses a slightly different work-from-home challenge. Managing our new mini colleagues (or our grown-up partners), is rewarding and exhausting all at once. Some of us have implemented “meeting in progress” signage for our offices, and we have amazing partners who have now have a new profession in teaching.

“I have a 2 year old and 4 year old, so the television is managing our children while my husband and I work from home.”

Kelly Shaw, Programs Manager, 8 years at TECTERRA

We hope you’ve made the best of your time working from home and the entire TECTERRA team looks forward to meeting you soon, when the time is right.