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The third annual NORTH51 takes place at the Banff Center on February 5-7, 2020 and features keynotes, presentations, panels and invaluable networking opportunities. The conference gathers 100 of the most innovative minds in geospatial technology. For the first time, TECTERRA has announced a theme for the conference – Off the Map.

In the era of smart devices, capturing data at a one-to-one scale is now effortless – often its simply running in the background. Both businesses and individuals have been active in collection information in the age of big data, however the way we’ve optimized the use of the data has changed the way business is done. Big data has already begun to transform the relationship that individuals have with institutions - customers with companies, patients with the healthcare system, students with universities, and voters with government.

As we move into the age of hyperconnectivity, real-time analytics and insights become more prevalent. Advances to integrate cameras, lidar, sensors, and IoT devices to drive data collection pushes us off the map as we find new and useful ways to interpret the data.

Conversations at NORTH51 will center around how technology continues to push us Off the Map, and what the future looks like with an excess of data. The program for the conference is currently being curated. Visit the website for program updates, speaker announcements, and registration information.