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Here is a snapshot of what happened this month.

We take note of the interesting things happening in the world of technology - here's a look at the highlights:

  • A blog on ESRI Canada outlines how bias can be (intentionally or unintentionally) embedded in the COVID-19 spread maps we see in the media, and how to map the pandemic responsibly.
  • This opinion piece outlines how location intelligence is being used to monitor the movements of infected individuals, thus suspending our privacy right in the name of public safety.
  • The Open Source community has launched a program to assess and map the risk of coronavirus.
  • In recent weeks, major tech companies have publicized stronger efforts to police misinformation on their platforms, rolled out testing and triage tools, and donated masks and other medical supplies. Here is a rundown of what Big Tech is doing.
  • Here’s how mobility in Alberta and Canada has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Google’s location data.