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Here is a snapshot of what happened this month.

We take note of the interesting things happening in the world of technology - here's a look at the highlights:

  • The UK Government is looking into the commercial opportunities of matching location data with several emerging technologies. The report builds on wider plans for cross-government digital transformation around location data when enhanced with other technologies. A step forward in advancing the geospatial industry. Read it here.
  • US Intelligence agencies have been developing an AI brain – Sentient – which is raising interesting legal questions, “if NRO was interested in surveilling the US, and can’t deliberately use its satellites to focus in on your house, could it simply buy pictures of your house from a private company instead?".
  • Cybera has recently launched the Data Science for Albertans Industry Fellowship program. This program will help small-to-medium sized businesses tackle industry problems by pairing them with emerging data scientists who are looking for in-the-field experience.
  • DARPA has set up a competition called the Subterranean (or “SubT”) Challenge, this contest — which runs through 2021 — aims to uncover the best the robotics world has to offer in the way of rescue bots.