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Companies in Alberta’s technology sector are growing, which means there’s a need for qualified talent. Internships now go far beyond fetching coffee and grunt work as individuals re-enroll to diversify their skill sets. For each intern, there’s a learning opportunity to land a full-time job, and for employers there’s the potential to add the role full time.  Regardless of your goals, internships help grow Alberta’s skilled workforce and economy.


Here are some programs in Calgary, that might fit your needs:

  1. Alberta Innovates: Entrepreneurial Investments

The innovation journey is rarely a linear, sequential process. Alberta Innovates assists high-growth, high-potential SMEs to reduce the time it takes to commercialize new technology and knowledge-based products, and to scale their business.

  1. SAIT: Work Integrated Learning

What you need are people with the right combination of cutting-edge knowledge and practical experience. People with the skills and diplomacy to ease comfortably into your organization. People with the talent to help your business make inroads into the new economy. SAIT is up to the challenge.

  1. Calgary Immigrant Woman’s Association: Host a Work Experience

CIWA is committed to working with Calgary businesses and organizations to enhance their capacity to serve clients from diverse communities and connect with qualified, trained or certified immigrant women ready and willing to work.

  1. University of Calgary: Internships

Hiring an engineering intern can help your organization cultivate the people you need to move forward in a competitive global economy. Create a talent pipeline for the future while shaping leaders who fit your company’s unique culture.