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The TECTERRA Awards were developed to create a platform to celebrate the leaders and technological disruptions in geospatial, and there isn’t a better time to recognize those advancements. Though this year we couldn’t celebrate these successes in person due to restrictions around live events, we’re excited to share digitally the winners who are making change in geospatial.

Since TECTERRA began geospatial technology has evolved dramatically. Each of us now carries in our pocket a GPS, digital map, and high-speed connection to anyone on the planet; vehicles that can self-navigate don’t seem like science fiction; and datasets in the petabytes are no longer the outliers. We’re entering an era of pervasive mapping, where each of us can contribute to the shared map, leading to extraordinary new insights about the world around us. 


This year marks ten years of innovation at TECTERRA and we’re proud to support small and growing tech companies. Here are the 2020 TECTERRA Award Winners:

Erica Lemieux

Student Leadership in Geospatial: Erica Lemieux

Erica is a top ranking fourth-year undergraduate student in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, simultaneously specializing in a minor in Energy and the Environment Engineering. She is an engaged leader who actively works to promote science, engineering, and technology to female youth and to foster a nationwide geomatics engineering community.


Most Disruptive Technology: Eos Positioning Systems

Eos Positioning Systems built the world’s first first device-agnostic Bluetooth® GPS receiver capable of providing submeter, subfoot, and centimeter accuracy to any device, including iPad and iPhone. Congratulations Eos!


Startup of the Year: GeoMate

GeoMate uses AI and infrastructure data to help municipalities to prioritize repairs for the most concerning walkways and helps individuals with mobility concerns to safely navigate these shared spaces.

Naser El-Sheimy

Influencer of the Year: Naser El-sheimy

Naser has a long history of supporting the geospatial industry through entrepreneurship, building ecosystems internationally, and providing leadership through his role as an educator. He influences the industry every day with his passion for technology. Congratulations Naser!

Kim Koons

Woman of Impact: Kim Koons

Kim is the owner for Tarin Resources and has brought unparalleled leadership in the industry through work on capstone projects, fostering innovation, supporting students and the local community.


Company of the Year: GHGSat

GHGSat is a global leader in high resolution greenhouse gas monitoring from space. They’ve recently launched a new satellite, Iris, with technology that detect emissions from sources 100 times smaller than any other satellite system. Congratulations GHGSat!


We want to congratulate the 2020 winners, as well as all the nominees, for the TECTERRA Awards. We’re fortunate to be able to celebrate your successes with you and salute you for your impact on the geospatial industry.