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The TECTERRA Awards is a time to celebrate all the outstanding achievements within the Canadian geospatial community. This year, it is more important than ever to come together to recognize our peers and ourselves! Submitting a nomination is exciting and should be easy, and we want to help that be the case. We have put together three things to keep in mind when submitting your nomination recognizing the best and brightest in geospatial: 

  1. Submit more than one nomination and invite your network to nominate someone, too 
    We want to know about everyone in your circle doing outstanding work in the Canadian geospatial community – so don’t limit yourself to nominating only one individual or company! And, geospatial technology is no longer just for experts. Small or large, we want to know about individuals or companies using geospatial technology within their value proposition and have them nominated for an Award. This yearwe all miss connecting with and recognizing our peers, and it’s a great time to celebrate with your colleagues and peers. Share the TECTERRA Awards with your network in a neighbouring province or someone on the other side of Canada so they can commemorate all the hard work they have been a part of and watched transpire, as well!  
  2. Don’t be shy to showcase all the fantastic achievements and activities the person or company you are nominating is doing, including the ones that aren’t specific to the geospatial community  
    When you are submitting an individual or company for an Award, we want to know all the great geospatial work they are doing. However, we also want to know all their other outstanding accolades or achievements outside of the geospatial sectorDon’t hold back on showcasing all the fantastic work and efforts being made for the individual or company you are nominating. That even applies to you if you are nominating yourself!  
  3. Use the recommended framework to answer the questions, but please add pieces if we didn’t include all the information you want to highlight!  
    We want the individual or company you are highlighting to be showcased in the best way possible. We built out a submission framework to help that process this year. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot add new pieces of information or submit different information if you feel like there is an opportunity aside from our recommended submission structure. You know the individual or company you are nominating best, and we want our judges to know all the outstanding achievements and work they have done this yearSo, don’t hold back when you are submitting your nomination!  

We hope these three tips will help in getting your nomination ready for the 2021 Awards. Don’t forget to spread the news to your colleagues to encourage them to recognize their network or themselvesWe look forward to our judging panel receiving your nomination(s) and having you tune in to celebrate with the winners on September 15, 2021!