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Mapscap_Zerokey-1Geospatial technology is evolving faster than ever in today’s digital world. Our friends at the MapScaping Podcast shine a spotlight on the amazing things that individuals and companies are doing in the field of geospatial.

Last week Matt Lowe, Co-founder & CEO of ZeroKey – a TECTERRA portfolio company – was featured on the podcast and talked on their incredibly accurate indoor positioning technology that provides 3D, millimeter-accuracy.

So how does this technology work?

The core technology enables precise device-to-device passive distance monitoring accurate down to the millimetre. When devices become closer than a configurable minimum distance, such as 6 feet, the devices signal the users through a vibration “buzz.” Optionally, distance data can be sent securely using high-grade encryption to an on-premises or in-cloud application server to provide robust analytics.

Here are some examples.

The situation is our current coronavirus world, where distance is important to staying healthy. You have a business that involves some human-to-human contact, so you implement tags onto your employees to alert them that they are not within a safe proximity to each other. If a case of COVID-19 is subsequently detected, contact tracing reports are automatically generated to provide a list of persons recently in close proximity to the infected person.

Take a dangerous area in your facility.  You need to track when people deviate as much as five centimetres from an authorized pathway because if they do, they put themselves in danger.  You can put tags on individuals and alert them through a vibration that they’re off the path. If you only had a meter level of accuracy, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish this.

These are just a couple examples where accuracy can be used for something no one had thought of before simply because up until now, it hasn’t been possible to achieve that millimetre accuracy on a large scale.

Interested in learning more? Listen to the MapScaping Podcast!