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Here is a snapshot of what happened this month.

We take note of the interesting things happening in the world of technology - here's a look at the highlights:

  • sparkgeo's Will Cadell was recently featured on outlining the growing importance of insights drawn from geospatial data over visuals; “It turns out that, though maps and images are valuable visualization products, in the end, business people need actual numbers to support their decision making processes.” Read the article here.
  • The technology sector continues to be a saving grace for Calgary with the prospect of losing more oil and gas jobs. Tech companies like Blackline Safety and Novatel are thriving because they’ve found their niche market while utilizing Calgary’s diverse talent pool of scientists and engineers. Here’s the full story.
  • Blackline Safety was also featured in the Globe and Mail’s report on Canada’s Top Growing Companies.
  • Veerum has secured a strategic investment from Evok Innovations to address a global problem that costs $1.6 trillion in waste every year through overages on industrial construction projects with their cloud-based solution. Here’s the announcement.
  • DOT Technologies Corp has launched their autonomous 12-row planter in Woodstock at the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show. “The launch of the planter sends a strong message about the forward motion of DOT and the industry’s eagerness to join in building autonomous, Dot-Ready Implementations for all farming practices, including row cropping.” Read their release here.