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You’ve made your website, all your products are displayed and your info is ready for your customers to peruse – Now what? In an online world full of blogs, social media, podcasts, emails, and AdWords; how do you decide where to spend your time?

1. Find your customers

If all of your customers were to drive the same highway, it would seem obvious that an eye-catching billboard or a mascot spinning a giant sign would be a fantastic way to get a moment of your customer’s attention. How do you catch a moment of your customer’s attention online? You need to find out what digital highway they are driving and where they hang out online.

Can you influence a group of your customers by following or commenting on their Twitter feed? If your customers Googled their problem, would your company’s name organically show up in the search results? Find out who your customers are, where they are online, and then create a digital marketing strategy curated specifically for your audience.

2. Strategy, strategy, strategy – it’s all about the big picture

The web is full of digital tactics, but the magic is in the mix. Depending on your audience and your objectives you may need to use a few or several tactics to effectively reach your audience. Some tactics to consider are paid advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing to name a few.  Sound complex? It is! Don’t be afraid to call in the experts.

3. Make it measurable

Treat your time like you treat your money – invest in high-value marketing activities and be careful not to get carried away with marketing tactics that cost you time or money and give you little in return. Data is king in understanding traffic acquisition as well as conversion optimization. How do you know what is working if you cannot measure it? Think about measuring website traffic, sales, and doing a media analysis to best understand your return on investment, albeit time or money.

4. Use it or lose it

The online marketplace is evolving at a fast pace and so are digital marketing strategies. With the emergence of new trends and tools, it is easy to fall behind. Using marketing automation to drive traffic and convert leads could be your competitive advantage or rather your competition’s advantage depending on who implements the tactic first. Stay apprised of the trends and get creative!